Travel on the Beat vol. 9

- 24.01

(Club Night - electronic world music)

De Gudde Wëllen & Itinerantes present -----------------

Travel on the Beat vol. 9

A hunt for different world music blended with slow electronica!

Line Up:

Residents Paulinska and Aka Dj Ghost


KUSHT is a Scottish born wanderer who takes inspiration from all over the world to create a fusion of psychedelic-folkloric, electronic music.

His live shows consist of his eclectic worldly tunes mixed with delicate sampling and his heavily distorted guitar for that psychedelic rock touch. Expect playful grooves and hypnotising melodies ready to transport you to familiar memories or
distant grounds.

“​Kusht ​is a word we use in Scotland to describe any moment, any feeling or any place. It is when something feels especially nice so i’ll try to conjure a kusht moment for us all to share."

The acclaimed producer quickly became well-known in the scene and has already played some of the most beautiful electronic festivals In Europe such as Fusion,
3000Grad and Garbicz Festival to name a few..

After releasing two EPs with huge feedback in the scene, he is now writing for his third album and debut vinyl press coming 2019!

Flip n skip (TRIER)

Nonameavailable (LU)

2 floors for more music all night long ♥

Artwork by kombustible aka Reinaldo Alcalá


"Travel on the Beat"


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