Stefano Agostini III Carte Blanche III Bluebird Jazz House

- 10.10

(Concert - Jazz)

Doors 20:00

Show 20:30

Presale  7/5 for students (+ presale fee)

Tickets at the doors 10/8





Steven Delannoye | Tenor saxophone – Bass Clarinet

Thomas Decock | Guitar

Pol Belardi | Vibraphone

Stefano Agostini | Doublebass

Pit Dahm |Drums


The first Carte blanche of the season, will be hosted by Stefano Agostini’s project |Bruit. The vibrant music likes to build on contrasts, lay-outs and compositions. Everything is executed with an energy concentrated to progress quickly in order to maintain a constant flow. The music’s open structure and form are always the product of circumstance more than will. This creates a space in which structures can be created, interpreted, opened up, connected, opened up again and reconnected simultaneously. The process itself will become part of the project and the evening.


After show vinyls by Dj Blueprint