- 14.08

(party and stuff)

We're taking a little break - come say kussi bye bye to your favourite bar, club, place, and do some more stuff too

The program is as follows >

17.00 Our doors and our windows open, in style, and we welcome you for the day/night with something refreshing. Note that we're getting rid of parts of our stuff, so there will be cheap drinks...

18.00 The place belongs to the direct action civil disobedience group "EXTINCTION REBELLION". Come talk to them and join the cause, or just hang around. Info >

18.00 Our friends Paulinska and Aka Dj Ghost bring on the music in a possibly super cool setup.

23.00 The formidable Ghent based Frankysoo aka Sam Gysel takes over.

03.00 Äddi Märzi, we'll see you in three weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeks.