- 13.04 2016 at 21:00

(concert - postrock / electronica)

Doors 20:30

Show 21:30

Entry 7 regular / 5 students (reservations through the form below - payment at the door )


Established in Livorno, Italy in 2010, Gabriele, Marco and Jonathan were not just determined, but destined to break free from their surroundings, and music was their key. Developing their sound over the past few years into a beautifully refined chaos -­‐-­‐ mixing experimentation with electronics, colossal percussion, and searing post-­‐rock guitars, the band has created a sound that is not stereotypical of their humble background, but consequently feels the opposite: larger than life.

The band is comprised of multi-­‐instrumentalists and producers who mesh the technicalities and intricacies of laptops, keys, and synthesisers with elevating and euphoric guitars and percussion. By their own admittance, the group started composing music as a form of therapy for themselves. It was a way to explore and express influences and inspirations outside of the oversaturated musical standards of their surroundings. This passion, creativity and thirst for more resulted in the band developing a sound unlike anything from their part of the world.

Since their inception, the band has taken this tailored craft on the road and shared the live stage with the likes of Efterklang, Blonde Redhead, Jon Hopkins, Four Tet, These New Puritans, Gold Panda,EF,If These Trees Could Talk, Sun Glitters and This Will Destroy You to name just a few. The trio has also embarked on several tours taking them across Europe.

Eschewing definition, Platonick Dive produce art with no compromises -­‐-­‐ generating sounds that fuel their hearts and define their souls. The rapid evolution of this impassioned post-­‐rock meets electronic experimentation has culminated into 2015’s "O V E R F L O W." Platonick Dive's “silence against noise” may have started off as a remedy for themselves, but now they are determined to share their form of therapy with the world.



Sun Glitters is the glitchy, summer obsessed, sun-drenched electronic project of Luxembourg musician Victor Ferreira. Debuting in 2011 with the acclaimed full-length, Everything Could Be Fine and a seemingly endless string of EPs, self-released tracks and remixes, Sun Glitters has quickly left a mark on the electronic music scene. In two short years, he has toured clubs and played festivals throughout Europe and received glowing coverage from Dazed & Confused, BBC, Resident Advisor, Earmilk, XLR8R, Pitchfork, The Guardian and a bevy of trend setting music outlets. Everything from the band name to the washed out pastels of the artwork to the engulfing visuals that supplement a Sun Glitters live performance screams nostalgia. With the release of his Mush debut, Scattered Into Light, Sun Glitters has taken on the added element of female vocals from Italian songstress Sara Cappai of the dream-pop band Diverting Duo. Sun Glitters combines an ocean of lush melodies, pitch-shifted vocal samples, digi-diva choirs, warm bass pulses, and ambient soundscapes into a blisteringly beautiful sound.