Onoe Caponoe (UK) + Blu Samu (BE)

- 29.02

(Concert - Hip Hop)

Doors 21:00

Show 22:00

Presale  9€ + (presale fee) 

Tickets at the doors 12€

Official Partners: Good Grounds, BJB Management, Konektis Music, De Läbbel, De Gudde Wëllen, Olliewood Skateshop Luxembourg, Double-D Promotions



De Läbbel proudly presents 'The Invisible War' Tour show of UK's most unique rapper, Onoe Caponoe, first time in Luxembourg. 


From the grey murky depths of a London floor, Onoe Caponoe de-connects his brain from the physical to reach another planet through his music. With influences drawn from a wide range of sources including the ethereal space funk of Funkadelic and Sun Ra to the stripped back rawness of punk rock, Onoe is peerless in this modern world of Instagram clones. We aren't even sure if he lives on Planet Earth or broadcasting remotely from a distant planet.


An amalgamation of a sonic display that encapsulates the inability to pigeon hole Caponoe's stylistic approach and experimentation that makes him undisputedly the most unique individual in UK Hip Hop and beyond. Regardless of what planet or universe you're tuning in from, I hope you've strapped your seatbelt.


His new album 'The Invisible War' comes out Jan 30th on High Focus.



Local support to be announced soon...