Mama's Gun Vol. 1 w/ LayFullStop (UK) & locals

- 29.11 2019

(Party - Hip Hop)

▰ Start: 20h00
▰ Presale: 5 euros

▰ Box office: 7 euros
▰ Official Partners: Ministère de l'Égalité entre les femmes et les hommes - LuxembourgOlliewood Skateshop Luxembourg & Stitch Luxembourg


De Läbbel proudly presents Mama's Gun - a celebration of female talents.

Named after an iconic album by Erykah Badu, this event is paying tribute to women like her that have forever left their mark on the music-scene.

For our first edition we have invited LayFullStop, singer, rapper & soulstress from Manchester UK. Effortlessly switching between softly sung melodies and dope flows, this lady definitely proved that she knows how to do them all.

Local support by our girl Nicool who's known for her authentic lyrical style, always accompanied by boom bap beats. Her energy is highly contagious when she's on the mic!

Screening of “A polaroid story” by Ouni, a Belgian content creator, who captures Polaroid photos and stories featuring some of the biggest artists like Lauryn Hill and Kendrick Lamar for example. Ouni has not taken the conventional path, she is someone who believed in her project and her idea and this endeavor made it possible for her to live her dreams. We are curious to know more about her story, what struggles she had to face and how she overcame them.

To end the evening we got two vinyl only sets by Gurl & Katy de Jesus, while Miss Sappho & Miss Nat-H-Lee bump beats in the basements.

///// LINE UP /////

LayFullstop (UK)

Nicool (LU)

Elisabeth Ouni (BE)

Gurl (BXL)

Katy De Jesus (BLN)

Miss Sappho (LU)

Miss Nat-H-Lee (LU)

///// IMPORTANT /////
▰ Date: Friday, 29th November 2019
▰ Location: De Gudde Wëllen
▰ Start: 20h00
▰ Presale: 5 euros
▰ Box office: 7 euros
▰ Official Partners: Ministère de l'Égalité entre les femmes et les hommes - Luxembourg, Olliewood Skateshop Luxembourg & Stitch Luxembourg