Kaffi, Kuch & Design N2 With Mischa Bernauer

- 04.11 2018 at 14:00 - 18:00


Start: 14:00

End: 18:00

Free entry


Live drawing workshop

With Mischa Bernauer

In English and German

Discover drawing as a basic tool to express your ideas. An idea starts in your head and you can explain it with words, by speech or by writing. But, as visual ideas are often hard to explain, a visual language can be most helpful. Drawing is the simplest tool to do so. Let’s uncover the secret world of drawing, by doing some live-drawing and sketching.

14h00: Tasty buffet by ‘Glëschtereg’
14h45–14h55: Explanations about the ‘MOLBAR’ and drawing as a basic tool to express visual ideas
15h00–17h00: Workshop
17h00–17h45: Closing speech and Q&A