- 16.10

(Concert - Indie rock)

Doors 20:00

Show 21:00

Support : Tbc

Presale 9/7 for students

Tickets at the doors 12/9 for students




Every good coming-of-age film needs an appropriate soundtrack. The film that Ilgen-Nur's songs were written for exists merely in her mind, but could perfectly accompany any of those beloved films that embody the beautiful, messy timespan between childhood and adulthood. Her lyrics are blunt, honest and understanding, a bit like a conversation with your best friend. Ilgen-Nur is 21 years old and moved from a small town near Stuttgart to Hamburg a year ago. She sings about teen angst and an uncertain future, but also about the nice little things in life - like riding your bike on a sunny day, wearing smudged lipstick but still feeling beautiful. She has that relaxed feel about her that makes her instantly likeable.