HIN UND WEG soli party

Friday November 17th at 22:00

(dj night - house & techno)

''They took our last summer dance...'' 

It's been almost 2 months since it has happened, or not. When we got sent into exile just a few hours before the doors to our little wonderland were about to open, disbelief was heavy. We wouldn't be allowed to return on the premises until monday, forced to leave everything behind we couldn't pack in 3 hours. 

The shock was great, but immediately after we announced H&W had been cancelled, more and more messages and reactions from friends came in, messages of comfort, disbelief, anger, hope. It was amazing to see how much everyone was looking forward to this, a full-on a wave of solidarity was rolling in. Thank you for that friends, not only have you given us a lot of hope with your kind messages, but also has your generosity helped reducing our financial losses.

Now, as we still haven't had our party, and still we're indebted, our friends from De Gudde Wëllen have offerred for us to throw a full-house soli-party, where the funds raised go to H&W. 

As we can't go 24-hours, we had to narrow the line-up down to what hopefully will showcase an essence of the sound & spirit of H&W.



1st FLOOR : (Housy)
Gurl (DEEP in HOUSE, BE)

Crop Circuit LIVE

Hirsto (Wupp)

Der Alte Jäger (Wupp)

BASEMENT : (Techno)
Oboskop (Non Funxion, AT)

Ostwald (Non Funxion, UK)

DIM TRICH (Non Funxion, LU)


The doors will be open for everyone to join freely. We therefor kindly ask everyone to respect our values, in order to create a space where everyone can feel at ease and enjoy free of worries :

- No racism, no sexism, and no other disrespectful attitudes.
- Dancefloor is for dancers, take your conversations to the bar.

Start : 22h
Entry : free
Donations : welcome

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/236105966920908/