Wednesday October 25th 2017 at 21:00

(concert - organ rock 'n' soul)

Doors 20:30

Show 21:00

Tickets at the doors: 7 euro (5 for students)

Support: TRAPPERS (LU)


Furious Few's raucous organ-driven rock n' roll infuses the sound, spirit and elements of soul and dark gospel. Delivered with a warning wall of guitars, backbeats, urgency and swagger.

Drawing on the influences of blues, soul and dark gospel, the trio of Furious Few is formed of Joshua Murphy on guitar and vocals, Spike Rogers on drums, and Connor Fitzgerald on organ. Their devut self titled album was recorded true to their vision with nearly all of it recorded live on tape over three sessions at Golden Retriever Studios in Berlin with Australian Engineer Berkfinger, with extra vocals added by sneaking into Soundcloud's studio late at night. 

Furious few was formed in 2015 by Murphy and Rogers. As the phoenix from their past band ME, after touring extensively over the years through AUS, UK, EU & USA performing nearly 150 shows a year, with bands like Kasabian, QOTSA and Death from Above 1979.

Connor completes the band as a soulful yet dark master of the organ. Known as one of Berlin's best recording and touring session players he joins Furious Few as a fulltime member.



The Trappers formed in the summer of 2015 in the heart of western Luxembourg. Surrounded by a landscape idyll, the four-piece band rehearses in a barn and mixes old sounds with new ones. Reverb and delay complete the sound of the electric guitar. As far as the style goes, the four can not define the genre of their creations. The alternative-rock or beat-rock is spiced with a pinch of surf- and psychedelic rock.