Drums Masterclass with Orestes Gómez in Luxembourg

Sunday May 5th

(Masterclass Drums)

Start 15:30 

Inscription : itinerantesasbl@gmail.com 

Organized by: Itinerantes asbl




by Orestes Gomez


Itinerantes asbl is looking forward to taking over the venue De Gudde Wellen conceptually and artistically for one evening. The goal is to create, promote, support, and showcase the different forms of cultural expression to our community. With the support of guest musicians, we will offer an evening of cultural exchange and of learning, which is the main goal of our organization.


For this special event we are proposing a Drums Masterclass:

The guest musician is Orestes Gómez who is touring Europe for two weeks and who is doing different activities as a musician: performing, working as a Session Musician and as a Drums Instructor in several countries including Spain, Germany, France, Belgium, UK, among others...


Material/topics to be covered:


Technical (or Techniques):


- The posture of the instrument

- Stick and pedal techniques 

- Inverted Rudiments and Amalgamated Combinations

- Independence exercises based on creative patterns

- How to orchestrate exercises to transform them into rhythms and groove

- Development of rhythmic phrases to apply to solos. 

- Development of the flams inside the chops.

- Rhythmic Phrase Shifts

- Synthesis of Afro-Venezuelan rhythms




- Differences and recording tips for each musical genre

(Jazz, Hip Hop, Electronica, Funk, Rock)


Analysis and execution:



- Fusion of LATIN AMERICAN rhythms

- Hip Hop and Electronics in the battery

- Jazz fusion and contemporary drums.



- Music Business

- Required equipment

- Recommendations for producing your own material.

- Q & A session


Be part of this educational experience.