- 24.03 2018 at 20:00

(vinyl release show - shoegaze space rock)

Doors 20:00

Show 20:30

Tickets at the doors 10 (with vinyl)

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Following on from their latest album Astral Bender (Dec,2014), CYCLORAMA / is returning in force with a brand new set of powerful and mesmerising songs. Their new album was released by Chez Kito Kat Records in December 2017. The new compositions perfectly reflect CYCLORAMA / ’s trademark sound, with shoegaze riffs, reverb-drenched fuzzy guitars and hypnotic beats. CYCLORAMA / will present the new songs in a series of live performances, which continue to mesmerise audiences.

Always staying instrumental, with mantra-sculptured structures, CYCLORAMA / easily merge electronic soundscapes with the live sound of an amplified rock band, complete with vintage guitars and the organic, yet mechanically precise drums of Pit Reyland.

From their first LP "This Is Aerial Space-Rock, Keep Your Hair On !!" (2010), through he amazing "Soundwave EP" (2011) and the last album “Astral Bender” (2014), CYCLORAMA / have perfected their unique sound with compositions that always stay fresh and inspired.

Check all the CYCLORAMA / catalogue here :


The Choppy Bumpy Peaches (or just The Peaches) are a young band from Luxembourg playing Psychadelic / Space Rock. 
The band formed in 2014 and since then released an EP ''Melocoton'' in 2016 which got the band support gigs for acts like Gringo Star, (Sandy) Alex G and Blues Pills.
In 2017 the Peaches hit the studio again to record their first LP, again with sound guru Audio Oak behind the magic desk. The first single ''Darjeeling'' off the album was released in October, accompanied by a stopmotion collage video.
In 2018 the band will release their new LP and will embark on their first tour out of Luxembourg.

A live performance of The Peaches will take you on a cosmic ride from heavy psychedelic guitar riffs to indian summer vibes, all while floating in a lush atmosphere of sound..

Which leaves you with one question, why a peach? Peaches were consumed by the immortals due to their mystic virtue of conferring longevity on all who eat them, if you trust chinese mythology...consume peaches, live longer!